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Dr Shashi Singh


Adult & Paediatric Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT), and Head & Neck Specialist


Nasal Obstruction

A nasal obstruction is anything that impedes the flow of air into and out of the nose. A nasal obstruction may block one or both of the nasal passages.

Nasal Trauma

Nasal trauma can be caused by injury or when foreign objects are placed in the nasal passage, resulting in bleeding, a physical deformity, a decreased ability to breathe normally because of obstruction, or an impaired sense of smell.

Sinus Problems (Sinusitis)

Sinuses are air-filled spaces in the face and head that are lined by mucous membranes.

Cosmetic Nasal Surgery (Rhinoplasty)

Rhinoplasty is surgery of the nose in which cartilage and bone are reshaped to produce a more aesthetically balanced nose that is in harmony with one’s facial features.

Smell and Taste Disorders

Our senses of taste and smell give us important information about our environment. Smell and taste problems can affect people’s day-to-day life leading to substantial dissatisfaction and sometimes danger (ex. gases, fumes, etc.).


Dr Shashi Singh also treats Pediatric ENT problems both medically (without surgery) and surgically. With a commitment to treating not just the child who is the patient, but including the whole family in the decisions on our treatment of that child. Physicians and families are partners in making the correct decision to meet each child’s needs.

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